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More Information   VOICE Award 2006 - Die besten deutschsprachigen Sprachapplikationen
[VOICE Award 2006 - The Best German Speech Applications]
Steimel, B., Jameson, A., Klöckner, K., & Paulke, S. (2006)
More Information   The Usability of Deployed Telephone Dialog Systems: An Evaluation
Klöckner, K., & Jameson, A. (2006)
Proceedings of the 2006 IASTED International Conference on Computational Intelligence. In press.
More Information   VOICE Award 2005 - Die besten deutschsprachigen Sprachapplikationen
[VOICE Award 2005 - The Best German Speech Applications]
Steimel, B., Jameson, A., Klöckner, K., & Paulke, S. (2005)
More Information   Depth- and Breadth-first Processing of Search Result Lists
Klöckner, K., Wirschum, N., & Jameson, A. (2004)
Extended Abstracts for CHI'04, Vienna.
More Information   User Multitasking with Mobile Multimodal Systems
Jameson, A., & Klöckner, K. (2004)
In W. Minker, D. Bühler, & L. Dybkjaer (Eds.), Spoken multimodal human-computer dialogue in mobile environments. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers.
More Information   Erleichterung der Informationssuche im Internet
[Facilitation of Information Search in the Internet]
Wirschum, N. (2003)
More Information   An Investigation of Usability Issues with Mobile Systems Using a Mobile Eye Tracker
Norlien, M. (2002)
A thesis submitted to the School of Information Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Information and Communication Technology.
More Information   Using Natural Language Input and Audio Analysis for a Human-oriented MIR System
Baumann, S., Klüter, A., & Norlien, M. (2002)
Proceedings of WEDELMUSIC, the International Conference on Web Delivering of Music, Darmstadt, Germany.
More Information   Usability Issues and Methods for Mobile Multimodal Systems
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Proceedings of the ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Multi-Modal Dialogue in Mobile Environments, Kloster Irsee, Germany. Summary of a keynote address.
More Information   COLLATE: Competence Center in Speech and Language Technology
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