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Selected Public Appearances


VOICE Days 2006
Symposium of the VOICE Community

October 18-19, 2006
Alter Bundestag, Bonn, Germany


VOICE Days 2005
Symposium of the VOICE Community

October 20-21, 2005
Alter Bundestag, Bonn, Germany


CHI 2004
Conference on Human Fachtors in Computing Systems

April 24-29, 2004
Vienna, Austria


Planetopia Logo German National TV Magazine Planetopia
January 11, 2004
  • It was demonstrated how the impact of cigarette box warning labels and pictures can be studied using a mobile eye tracker
  • More information in German is available from the Planetopia website
  • Some pictures:
    Gaze on picture warning Gaze on cigarette box
    Subject with mobile eye tracker


Google Logo Talk for Google researchers:
"Improving Page Summaries in Search Result Lists"

August 20, 2003
Mountain View, CA, USA


UM Logo UM 2003
9th International Conference on User Modeling

June 22-26, 2003
University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown, PA, USA


MIT Workshop "Attention and Memory in Wearable Interfaces"
January 13, 2003
MIT Media Laboratory E15-054
Cambridge, MA, USA


ISCA Logo ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop
"Multi-Modal Dialogue in Mobile Environments"

June 17-19, 2002
Kloster Irsee, Germany
  • Anthony Jameson gave the keynote address, entitled "User Multitasking as a Design Challenge for Mobile Multimodal Systems"
  • Kerstin Klöckner and Marie Norlien gave demos concerning our work on mobile multimodal systems and conducted brief test of mobile multimodal systems brought along by other workshop participants
    Antony Jameson's address


KPMG Logo KPMG Fair 2002
Frankfurt, Germany
  • Kerstin Klöckner and Marie Norlien demonstrated the mobile eye tracker
  • Some pictures of our stand:
    Unser Stand I Unser Stand II


CHCC Logo CHCC/OCATE "Future of Human-Computer Interaction" Lecture Series
April 26, 2002
Portland, Oregon, USA


CeBIT Logo The Evaluation Center at CeBIT 2002
March 13-20, 2002
Messegelšnde Hannover
Hannover, Germany
  • We conducted informal studies of some LT systems during the fair,
    • involving visitors as much as possible
    • illustrating the use of two eye trackers
  • Studies conducted:
  • Some pictures from our stand at CeBIT:
    Minister Bulmahn Our stand
    Minister Schreier I Minister Schreier II