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Eye Trackers


We conduct eye tracking experiments using the following different eye trackers:


Mobile Eye Tracker
Remote Eye Tracker

ASL Model 501 Indoor

(Note: In the meantime, ASL has released the suscessor model H6 Head Mounted Optics )

  ASL Model H-O6 Outdoor  

ASL Model 504

(Note: In the meantime, ASL has relased the successor model R6 Remote Optics)

ASL Model 501     ASL Model 504
  • The eye tracker is worn on the user's body, so that he or she can move around
  • Two head-mounted cameras record
    • the scene that the user is currently viewing
    • the user's eye movements

See also our tips and tricks for mobile eye tracking.

  • Rests on the table in front of the user
  • No contact with the user required