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Current Work


Mobile Multimodal Systems

  • Nature of the system:
    • Siemens S35i Mobile Phone
  • Questions:
    • in general
      • What usability issues are raised by mobile systems?
      • What additional pieces of information are needed because of the mobility?
      • How can data be aquired in a mobile environment by the aid of a computer?
      • How can multimodal data be acquired and analysed?
      • Where does the user look at?
    • for the Siemens S35i Mobile Phone
      • How can the user learn that the first two actions can be performed in parallel?
        • Frequent practice?
        • Explicit thought?
      • How can the user learn what to look for?
      • How can the user learn that fully eye-based dialing is possible?
        • Assuming that everything proceeds smoothly?
        • Considering that unusual events may occur?
  • Study performed with the ASL Model 501 mobile eye tracker
    • See the videos recorded during the study
  • Publications on this subject: see Jameson (2002) and Jameson and Klöckner (2003)